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what's happening now?

San Nicolas, Masantol, Pampanga, Philippines

Natural disasters are beyond control, but what is in your control is the ability to give back to those who have suffered from them. The image above was taken in July 2018, a day after #BeAwesomeToSomebody donated $1,000 in funds to its hometown. 

With that small donation, the charity was able to feed +165 families from the San Nicolas region, and, as shown in the images below, there were lines of families eagerly awaiting this gesture of love.

Mark Busos has family based in the barrio, and they act as the powerhouse for their community. With a school adjacent to their home, the #BeAwesomeToSomebody family manages, orchestrates and makes sure the food is distributed to those in need throughout the year and in special cases, such as the flooding this past week. They are all an essential part of this international effort to help their neighbors and anyone who needs any form of assistance.

By donating, you become a part of the #BeAwesomeToSomebody family too. 

We invite you to join.

How can you be a part?

To put it simply-

A simple $6.50 provides a kilogram of rice, canned goods and a smile that lasts for days to a family. 

By pressing this button, you can easily donate in two simple steps. 

We'd love to have you as part of the journey.


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